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How to order for cellgevity in Nigeria

There are several potential benefits of using cellgevity irrespective of your health status.

It is important to use cellgevity even if you feel you are healthy.

It is not only meant for the sick persons alone.

Remember, Cellgevity is the no 1 glutathione enhancing product available today and is 300% better than any alternative you can think of.

Also note that Cellgevity is not prescribed medicine, it’s a natural supplementary product and can be taken even if you are taking other medication.

Are You, or someone you know, suffering from any of the under-listed ailments? Add Cellgevity to any medication you are taking.

Always talk to your personal physician about any supplement you are taking especially when on prescribed medication.

1. Diabetes and complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, foot ulcers

2. Chronic leg ulcers e.g. vascular ulcers etc

3. Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis

4. Hypertension, heart disease

5. Kidney disease including patients on dialysis

6. Sickle cell disease (to reduce crisis)

7. Male and female infertility (if blocked tubes have been ruled out as a cause), Fibroids

8. Chronic body aches and pains e.g back, waist pain, arthritis, chronic pelvic pain, etc

9. Erectile dysfunction

10. HIV (to reduce complications)

11. Cancers (to retard progression)

12. Hepatitis (to reduce viral load, liver disease (to retard progression)

13. Difficulty with wound healing eg postoperative etc

14. Asthma, allergies

15. Glaucoma, cataract

16. Skin disorders, wrinkled and aging skin

17. Difficulty with sleeping

18. Autism

19. Gastritis(Stomach ulcers)k

20. Anyone at

40 years and above who wants a healthy life and wants to prevent the above problems!

What is the Cost Of Cellgevity in Nigeria?

The cost of getting cellgevity in Nigeria Varies depending on the source and the Volume you are getting.

Here, we encourage you to get registered with the company so you can get it at the company’s price.

1 bottle of cellgevity costs N15,000

4 bottles, which represent a pack, cost N45,000

6 bottles which is the cost of registration, cost N60,500.

8 bottles cost N80,000 and allow you to become a registered member.

23 bottles cost N208,000.

46 bottles cost N409,500.

Max 357, 1 bottle N12,00

Max 357, 4 bottles N45,000

Note that, the higher the volume, the cheaper it gets per bottle.

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