How to join max international cellgevity in Abuja

Here is a simple explanation of how to join or register with max international cellgevity in Abuja.

If you have been wondering how or what it takes to become a registered member of max international in Abuja, this post takes you through the process of becoming a distributor or associate of max Morning.

What’s max international?

Max International is a USA based company with a breakthrough product that helps the body to raise its own Glutathione levels within the cells.

Max International is known as the glutathione company because almost all of her products are based on the science of glutathione.

The company’s flagship product is called cellgevity.

Apart from cellgevity, there are other products like Max ATP, max NFUZE, Max 3.5.7, meta switch for weight management, MaxGXL, and maxone.

These products are offered by max international in Nigeria and other countries the company operates.

How To Join Max International In Abuja?

This post is borne out of the desire to help those in Abuja who may have heard or read about cellgevity and max international and may not know how to become a registered member or distributor of max international.

So, if you are based in Abuja or environs and you are interested in Joining max international, this post will help you to do just that.

Going forward, how does one become a distributor of max international cellgevity in Abuja?

Pretty simple.

The first thing is to choose a registration package to start with.

Max international Nigeria has about 3 basic enrollment packs, plus the recently introduced promo pack making it 4 registration packs to choose from.

Registration Packs to Choose From.

Like I said earlier, there are 3 basic packs to choose from, plus a promo pack that was recently introduced by the company to help those with little funds to get started with max international.

With the promo pack, although limited and can be called off any time at the company’s discretion, we now have 4 basic enrollment packs to choose from.

  1. Promo pack – N60,500
  2. Personal Pack – N80,000
  3. Professional Pack – N208,000
  4. Premiere Pack – N409,500

These are the starter packs to choose from when joining max international in Abuja, and indeed in the whole of Nigeria.

Once you have decided on the registration pack to choose from, the next stage to get registered.

NB: Call Clems to get registered with max international 08110996314

How To Get Registered With Max International.

To get registered with max international in Abuja, and indeed anywhere else, you would need to register under someone who is already registered.

Remember that max international market their products through an MLM Channel.

An MLM  business model is where consumers buy goods directly from a manufacturer or producer without passing through a middleman.

In this case, max international is the manufacturer of all her products; cellgevity, maxATP, Maxnfuze, maxone, etc, and everyone can register to buy all the products directly from the company at the company’s discounted price.

So, if you are in Abuja and you want to get registered so you can buy cellgevity and other max international products directly from the company, you can now do so, with ease.

Simply reach out to Mr. Clems through call or WhatsApp 08110996314 to get you registered.

Max international also offers an amazing business opportunity that can actually give you lots of financial leverage.

Max International Business Opportunity.

Yes, max international does not just offer breakthrough patented products, there is also an opportunity to build a real business that is capable of taking one out of Poverty.

A business that can generate enough money for you to fire your boss as I did some 2 years ago, Lol.

I have posted earlier on how to make money with max international, including the max compensation plan, you may want to look at them to have a sneak peek into what the max international business opportunity offers you.

Here is the summary of the max international business.

The max international compensational plan is designed to pay in several ways.

All commissions are based on one being active in the business with at least 100pv every month.

There is the Fast start commissions paid weekly.

Preferred Costumers’ income also paid weekly.

Prime commission.

Binary Income.

Matching check – This can actually run into millions of naira depending on your Team’s strength and of course, your current paid rank. It’s not something you get in just a few months, but again it’s possible to achieve at any given duration, including in months or years.

Binary income.

Global Pool Bonus.

Max Living Bonus – Paid to the ranks Platinum and above.

And so on and so forth.

If you are going to be using cellgevity, why not get involved in the money-making activities of max international.

With all the training and tools that the company has, plus unwavering support from Team members and the corporate, anyone can actually run a successful business opportunity with max international.

So, What are you waiting for, reach out to Clems on 08110996314 to get registered.

Good thing, there is a max international office in Abuja making it a bit easy to access products and face to face training in Abuja and environs.


To summarize all I have been saying here.

If you are in Abuja and environs and you want to(Everyone should be interested in the max opportunity and products, either for health ground or business purposes or both) registered with max international, you can do it right now, and you don’t need to break the bank before you do that.

With as little as N60,500 you could be on your way to building an amazing business empire using the max international platform.

And it’s only for product’s sake you want to join max international, you have got the best time to do it and that is NOW.

Contact Mr. Clems on this contact, 08110996314 to help you get started.

And if you want to earn money while using the products, we have some fantastic tools and training that would help your journey with Max International.

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