FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Cellgevity

So, today I want to answer a few frequently asked questions on Cellgevity in Nigeria. I have written a few posts on some very important topics on cellgevity and max international as a whole, but today I want to do a kind of recap on these important questions concerning cellgevity and max international.

I have decided to name my article FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions to address some of the most asked questions by people who may want to buy or register with max international.

If you want to read about how you can register with max international/ cellgevity in Nigeria, I have written an article addressing it Here or check here to know how to join max international in Lagos.

So, let get down to providing answers to some important frequently asked questions. Of course, you can drop any question or concern you have and we will try to answer them all.

Q . How Do I Register With Max International?

To register with max international especially if you are in Nigeria, just choose any of the 4 registration packages.

The promotional pack costs N45,000 and gives 6 bottles of cellgevity.

The personal pack gives 8 bottles of cellgevity and costs N56,000.

Professional Pack costs N160,000 and gives 23 bottles of cellgevity.

Premiere pack gives 46 bottles of cellgevity and costs N315,000.

Whatsapp or Call us here at 08110996314 to get you started on any pack of your choice.

For an in-depth review on how to join max international, I have written an article and you can find it HERE.

Q. How Much Is A Bottle Of Cellgevity In Nigeria?

FAQ on cellgevity
a bottle of cellgevity(30 caps in a bottle)

A single bottle of cellgevity goes for N9,000. Note that, you get cellgevity at a much cheaper price when you are buying more than one bottle. Also, note that the company encourages you to create an account even if you just want to be buying for personal use. You can create a customer account called a preferred customer to get the products straight from the company. This way, you will be sure of the quality of what you are buying.

Call or Whatsapp us on 08110996314 to create an account for you, free of course.

Q. How Much Is Cellgevity In Abuja?

Here is a more comprehensive list of the prices of Cellgevity in Abuja and indeed elsewhere in Nigeria.

  • 1 – 3 bottles of cellgevity costs N9,000.
  • 4 Bottles(1 pack) costs N30,000.
  • 6 botlles costs N45,00 for new registration, N43,000 for subsequent purchase of 6 bottles.
  • 8 bottles costs N56,000(2 packs).
  • 23 bottles costs N160,000 only.
  • 46 bottles costs N315,000.

You will notice a pattern, the higher the number of products, the cheaper it goes.

Also, note that the products are grouped into packs, and buying outside of the packs might cost you a little higher, eg. buying 7 bottles, 6 bottles is a pack, then the extra 1 bottle to make up the 7th bottle might cots you 9k.

These prices are registered members’ prices and you might get it a little higher outside, that’s why you are encouraged to get registered, it’s free. You only pay for your products, and the cost of logistics( if need be). Call or Whatsapp us to create an account 08110996314 Now!

Q. How Many Bottles Of Cellgevity Are In A Pack?

Cost to join max international in Nigeria
a pack of cellgevity containing 4 bottles.

Each pack of Cellgevity contains 4 bottles. Note that, sometimes there might not be packs available(Packaged packs). Just know that every 4 bottles of cellgevity are referred to as a pack.

Also, note that each bottle of cellgevity in Nigeria contains 30 capsules. Any bottle of cellgevity that contains more than 30 capsules is not the approved one in Nigeria. I will update this space once there is a change in this regard.

Q. Where Can I Buy Cellgevity?

Where ever you are in Nigeria, you are encouraged to buy your cellgevity from the Company directly or from Accredited distributors.

Since registration is free, why wont you just register and then pay only for the price of the products?

And if you are in Abuja, Lagos or Portharcourt where the company have offices, it makes it even better.

You can simply walk into the office with your Debit card and pick up your product.

But remember, only registered members can buy from the company.

Registartion is free, send us a message and we’ll help you create your ID in a short time.

And even if you are outside these 3 cities, waybill isn’t that expensive, register, pay for your prdoucts and we’ll help you ship it where ever you are in the Country.

So, the best place to buy your cellgevity is from the company or from Accredited distributors.

Call or Whatsapp us to buy or get registered now 08110996314.

Q. Does Cellgevity Really Work?

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, cellgevity works, absolutely.

Remenber, the primary function of cellgevity is to boost the bodys’ glutathione level, and that you can be sure cellgevity will help your body achieve.

We have some real amazing testimonies of what cellgevity dhas done in the lives of people.

First, glutathione level in the body is boosted up and then,toxic substances are eliminated, oxygen flows freely and then, the body responds positively and you will see the individual began to recover.

the durable of this process varies from person to person. For some, it comes quite soon, but for some, they may need to take a little more time.

But if you are looking for an overnight miracle, well you may have to visit a priest.

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