How To Join Max International In Nigeria.

So I have decided to write this post to show you how to join max international in Nigeria. I am pretty sure you have heard about max international and her flagship product, cellgevity, hence your desire to want to join as an associate.

But just in case you don’t know what max international is or you want your memory refreshed, here we go.


So, what is max international all about? Max International is a USA-based company with a medical breakthrough product called RIBOCEINE. Riboceine is a science of Prof Herbert T Nagasawa who had a dream of changing the world with his breakthrough science.

Riboceine helps the body to produce Glutathione naturally within the cells. Riboceine is a term coin from two words- D Ribose, a simple natural sugar our body needs and uses for energy production, and L-Cysteine, one of the three amino acids the cells need and uses to produce Glutathione.

Riboceine has over 30 peer-reviewed and published studies and is proven to be 300% more effective in helping the body produce Glutathione naturally within the cells than the next best alternative.

The result of this breakthrough science and products is that lots of lives are been touched and changed and people with health challenges are testifying daily by using these products.

Now, the max international business opportunity is centered on these breakthrough science/products.

Since its inception in 2007 up till now, $millions of dollars have been paid out to associates and partners as commissions.

That’s not all, thousands of associates and partners have been taken to all expenses paid trips outside of their places of abode including trips to exotic places around the world.

The mission of Max international is to empower others with Health, Success, and Significance.

Great, that’s pretty much, in summary, what max international is all about. Great Company with a fantastic, consumable product, and a fantastic pay plan I must confess.

So now, here is how to join max international in Nigeria.

Next, how do you join max international in Nigeria?



Next is, how to join max international in Nigeria?. The process of joining max international in Nigeria, or elsewhere in Africa is pretty simple.  One of the things I love about max international, in Nigeria is, the joining process is the simplest you can think of. Unlike other companies that require a fee before getting registered, the only thing required to be an associate of max international in Nigeria is the money to buy the products.

Although it is pretty simple to join max international, you, however, must join through someone. As a matter of fact, you cannot join max international unless you come through someone that is already registered.

Remember, max uses MLM to push her amazing products to the end-users. And so, as with every MLM company, you must come in through someone who is already in the system, that way, you would have a TEAM to work with.

Once that is settled, the next thing is to go ahead with the registration. In the USA and Canada, the registration and product purchase is done completely online and the products delivered to the shipping address included in the registration.


Click Here To Join Max International In the USA, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA.

Once you are on the website, click on the name of your country and then find the Icon that says join. Click and join as an associate.


In Nigeria and Ghana, however, the shipments of products are done differently.

Usually, every intended associate of max international, apart from the cash(capital required to get started, which I am going to talk about soon), must provide the following details.

  • Full name
  • Address( including City, State, Country)
  • Active phone number
  • Active email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Username
  • password


Max international Nigeria has three registration packs, each coming with products. To become active, you must choose any pack that you are comfortable with.

  1. Promo Pack (recently introduced in the Nigerian market). 
  2. Personal pack.
  3. Professional pack.
  4. Premiere Pack.
  • The Promo pack costs only N45, 000 and gives you 6 bottles of cellgevity at the cost price of N7,500 per bottle.
  •  Personal pack costs N56,000 only and give you products worth 56,000 wholesale prices. With this pack, you would be getting 8 bottles of cellgevity at a cost price of N7,000 per bottle.

You can also decide to take the combo pack of 4 bottles of cellgevity, 1 box of MaxATP, 1 box of MaxN-Fuze.

Personal gives you 100pvrequired to remain active and earn commission from your Team members down.

  • Professional pack cost N160,000 only and gives you products at a whole price of N150,000. With a professional pack, you would be getting 23 bottles of cellgevity at the cost price of N6,818 per bottle. This is a bit cheaper than the personal pack.

The professional pack gives you 300pv.

  • Premiere pack costs N315,000 and gives you products at a wholesale price. You get 46 bottles of cellgevity at the cost of N6,818 per bottle.

In addition, you get 600Pv.


All Associates are to note that, the retail price of cellgevity is N9000,-N9, 500 per bottle. Anyone caught selling at anything lower than this would be penalized.

Ready To Join Max International Right Away, Call Or Whatsapp Clems On 07036753010.

You can also call (+234) 08110996314


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