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The max international compensation plan is a revolutionary compensation plan designed to pay out a maximum of 50% CV to the field sales organization and gives you several ways to earn as an Associate.

business strategy Compensation Plans

1. Retail Profits

Associates purchase products at wholesale for personal use or retail to customers for a profit.

2. Preferred Customer Bonus

Earn 25% of the wholesale dollar value of the order placed by all your preferred customers.

Preferred customers can earn free products through the Family & Friends program as they refer others to buy Max products.

3. Fast Start Income

Earn N3,700,  N5,600, N23,250, or N46,500  for every new associate you register depending on their enrollment pack payable a Wednesday proceeding the week of enrollment.

4. Prime Bonus Income

500 points from 3 or more Personally Enrolled Associates will qualify you for Prime Bonus. E.g if you have 5 enrolled associates active with 100 points each, you qualify.

There are three levels with Prime Bonus.


  • Level 1: Associate earns 1 share of the prime bonus pool.


  • Level 2:  help 3 personally enrolled Associates complete Level 1. Earn 3 shares of the prime bonus pool. (This is a global percentage reserve for those who take up this challenge, and the amount varies from month to month).


  • Level 3:  help 3 personally enrolled Associates complete Level 2. Earn 5 shares from the prime bonus pool.

Prime Bonus Pool as it now is available only to paid as Senior Associates, paid as Bronze and Paid as Silver Associates.

Paid as Gold and above are not permitted to partake in this pool.

Note: The prime bonus pool is funded at 5.2% of the total Global Cv(Commissionable Volume) each paid period, usually every month.


5. Binary Team Bonus Income

Residual commissions in Max International are paid out using a binary compensation structure, a left, and a right team. Commissions are paid based on the volumes generated within the binary tree. 10% (wholesale dollar equivalent) of the total points generated by the pay team will be paid as commissions for that month and any unused volume will be carried over to the next month provided the associate is active.

Your commissions increase as your binary team grows.

binary Compensation Plans

In order to qualify for binary commissions, the Max associate must be active and should have at least two personally enrolled associates (one on either side of the binary) who are active.

6. Matching Check Bonus


The Matching Check Bonus (MCB) has the greatest earning potential of all the different commissions. Max International pay a matching bonus on binary commissions earned by associates in you enrollment tree, payable up to seven generations of recruitment.

Qualifying for Matching Check rewards enrollment, teamwork, leadership and duplication. For demonstrating those characteristics, Matching Check provides the opportunity to receive up to a 50% Check Bonus on all personally enrolled Associates. The percentage paid depends on the rank and other requirements.

7. Rank Advancement Bonus.

This Commission is paid out to associate ranked Gold and above.

To qualify for this commission, you must attain the rank “Paid as Gold, Platinum, Diamond or above.

 Max reserve a certain percentage of the global profit to be paid to associate who qualify under this category.

  • Paid as Gold Associate gets 3 shares of the Global rank advancement pool.
  • Paid as Platinum Associates gets 4 shares of the pool.
  • Paid as Diamond and above Associates gets 5 shares of the global rank advancement pool.

Note that the global rank advancement pool is funded at 1.2% of the total global commissionable volume(CV) for each month’s pay period.

Every associate is required to buy 100 points worth of products monthly in order to keep your business active & earn.

At Max, you can do business in 18 registered countries, and counting…

To know how you can register as a Nigerian, Click Here to find out how to join max international in Nigeria.


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For More Information, Contact

Clems Tarkper

+2347036753010, 08110996314

Max international Abuja Compensation Plans

14 thoughts on “Compensation Plans”

  1. Please i was told that the price of max product is N6500.
    Now my question are is possible for one to be a member of max by purchasing onr bottle of max product(i.e registering with N6500)
    2.if qurstion one above is no,then what is the list amount one can register with
    3.what happens when one is not able to purchase the minimium amount of product for the month
    4.can you please educate me more on the compensation plan
    5.where can one pay for products and how can he receive it.
    Tjanks and God bless you

    • Kindly contact me on +2348110996314, either by call or Whatsapp for mentorship and for more information about max business and products.

      Meanwhile, a single bottle of cellgevity sells for N8000, and NOT N6500. You can only get it at N6500 if you are buying the promo pack of N39000 or the personal pack of N52000 which gives you 6 bottles and 8 bottles of cellgevity at N6500 per bottle respectively.

      The second point, the least amount you can activate your account with as a registered associate is N39000, however, once you have created an account with max international as an associate, you could pick a bottle or two or more using your ID. Please note that registration is free in Nigeria but you need to get at least 100pv to become active. A promo pack of N39000 gives you 100pv and automatically qualifies you to earn from max provided you have at least two personally enrolled on either side of the binary.
      Yes, I am willing to educate you more, I have been doing so with people for more than 2 years now and I am absolutely happy doing it. Just contact our contact numbers here and you have free mentorship from me.
      Max International has account details for payment, I am willing to provide you with the payment details once you are ready.
      Products are shipped all over Nigeria and even overseas.


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