Cost To join Max International In Nigeria

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at the cost to join max international in Nigeria. Is it expensive, is it cheap or is it free?

Well, the topic looks pretty much simple especially for those who are already in the system, but to someone who is new, probably someone who is just getting to know or hear about max international and cellgevity, it’s actually an important topic.


Also, several times, I have received calls from different people asking me what the cost of joining max international is, some even ask the cost of joining cellgevity, lol.


Well, without taking too much of your time, let’s get straight to helping you understand the cost implication of joining max international in Nigeria.


I have written an earlier post here explaining how to join max international in Nigeria and in the post, I clearly listed how the money required to get you registered and all of the other things you need to know.


Cost To Join Max International In Nigeria, How Much Is It?

So, how much does it cost to register with max international in Nigeria?

The answer is, it cost absolutely nothing to join max international.

Did you hear that? Registration itself costs absolutely nothing.

However, you are required to activate your account after registration. This is quite different from what is obtainable in the more advanced countries like the USA and Canada.

In the USA and Canada for example, before your application even goes through, you must have submitted your Card details for immediate product processing.

What is obtained in Nigeria, first of all, is, you must generate an ID.

Your sponsor or Team leader will put you through how to generate an ID.


Registration Details For Max Nigeria.

Like I said earlier in the post, registration with max international in Nigeria is absolutely free, however, you need to activate your account by buying any of the 4 registration packages. Only then would you be able to lay claim to been fully registered with max international in Nigeria as an associate.

Merely creating a free account won’t make any difference and certainly won’t amount to anything. In order to enjoy all the goodies that the max international opportunity offers, you must activate your account by buying any registration package of your choice.

Max International Nigeria Registration Cost.


Four registration packages are available for those interested in registering with max international in Nigeria.

  1. Promo Pack – Promo pack costs N45,000 and gives you 6 bottles of cellgevity at the cost of N7,500 per bottle and also gives you 100pv.
  2. Personal Pack – Personal pack costs N56,000 and gives you 8 bottles of cellgevity at the rate of N7,000 per bottle and also gives you 100pv. The personal pack also gives you an option of combining cellegevity with either ATP, Nfuze, or both cellgevity, ATP, and Nfuze. You can also choose to combine cellgevity and maxone.
  3. Professional Pack – Professional pack costs N160,000 and gives 23 bottles of cellgevity at the cost price of N6,956 per bottle. You also get 300pv and also an option to combine both cellgevity, ATP nad Nfuze, or Combine all three products.
  4. Premier pack – premiere pack is the biggest registration pack for intending associates who want to join max international. It cost N315,000 and gives you 46 bottles of cellgevity at the cost of N6,847 per bottle. Also, you get 600pv and an option to combine both cellgevity, Atp, and Nfuze among the products to be picked.

NOTE: A bottle of cellgevity at the moment goes for N9000, 

Cost to join max international in Nigeria

While a box of cellgevity containing 4 bottles goes for N30,000

So, if you are considering joining max international in Nigeria, and elsewhere in Africa and the rest of the world, this is a perfect time and we are barely just starting, and this guide, although intended for the  Nigerian audience would be of immense benefit to you.

If you are in Kenya, we are all set to launch in one of the richest countries in Eastern African.

If you are ready to get registered right away, you can contact me on WhatsApp or call +2348110996314.

So, if you are interested in the business side of max international, just contact us here on these numbers so we can help you registered and then get for mentorship.

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