How To Join Max International In Kaduna

If you are in Kaduna and you want to join max international, this post will show you how to go about it.

Max International is the parent company that owns the popular product called cellgevity.

So, if you have been hearing about cellgevity, or you have been using the products, buying from other distributors, and you would want to be a distributor of it in Kaduna and environs, this post will show you how to become a distributor.

Even if you are a pharmacist based in Kaduna and environs and want to distribute cellgevity and other max international products like ATP, Nfuze, Maxone, Max 3.5.7, this post will show you how to go about it.

Although I have previously written a comprehensive article show g how to join max international as a pharmacist, this post is still equally relevant as it takes you through the same process of becoming a cellgevity distributor.

Before we get to register as a distributor, let’s first look at the company, max international.

So, what is max international all about?

What Is max International About?

Max International is a health and wellness company based in the USA that produces and markets supplements that are based on increasing Glutathione production in the body.

The company is known as the glutathione company because all its products are based on the science of glutathione.

The company also allows its distributors to earn good money by building a TEAM of product users.

What that means is when the partner with the company, two things are sure going to happen in your life especially if you follow and take action on what you are required to do.

You will enjoy better health and financial stability.

Better health once you start using the premium products especially cellgevity.

Financial once you start promoting the products.

You will sell the products, sell the opportunity as well, and as soon as you began to have people under you who would be both buying and using the products, you will start making money from the company, weekly, or monthly.

The Products.

Max International has an array of premium products for its numerous customers.

Once you become a distributor of max international, you have exclusive access to these products at a discount.

You get these products at the company’s price and sell them to end-users at the retail price.


how to join max international in Kaduna

Cellgevity is our flagship product and the most popular product in the market.

Most people might not know what max international is all about but they know what cellgevity is.

Cellgevity gives the body all the needed ingredients to produce glutathione in the body.

I have written more about the benefits of cellgevity, you can find all the FAQ on cellgevity HERE.

Max ATP.

How to join max international in portharcourt

Max ATP is another fantastic product from max international.

ATP is the energy bank of the cell.

With max ATP, your cells will have enough energy and vigor to help you carry out your daily activities without crashing.

If you constantly suffer from fatigue, or you know someone who is low on energy and is always feeling weak, it’s time to try our premium product, max ATP.

Unlike other energy-boosting products, maxATP gives you sustainable energy, it doesn’t take you up and crash like others.

A box of ATP costs N26,500 at company price.


how to join max international in Portharcourt

MaxNfuze is our nutritional drink.

Nfuze gives you all the 22 Amino acids in the body.

For busy professionals who barely have time to eat a properly balanced diet and are lacking in nutrients, a sachet of Nfuze daily is what you need to replenish your body and feed your cells with all the essential minerals needed for optimum health.

A box of MaxNfuze costs N26,500 company price.

Max 3.5.7

max357 product How To Join Max International In Kaduna

One of the amazing products of max international I can’t just talking about because of its premium content.

Max 3.5.7 is an exclusive blend of essential Omega oils 3, 5, and 7, and a combination of Omega 3, Omega 5, and Omega 7 means more benefits to your body.

Here are 3 important things this product will do when taken.

  • Promotes healthy heart and vascular function
  • Supports healthy metabolic breakdown of fat and cholesterol
  • Sustains healthy brain, nerve, and eye function

A pack of Max3.5.7 contains 4 bottles and costs N45,000 company price.

How to join.

Now that you have know a few things about our amazing products, I know you can’t wait to start sharing these products with people within your neighborhood, but there is one more thing you need to get right.

You need to get registered.

Here is what is next.

To get registered, there are registration packs you can choose from.

Promo pack.

The promo pack costs N60,500 and gives you 6 bottles of Cellgevity.

Personal Pack.

The personal pack gives you 8 bottles of relativity at a cost of N80,000.

Professional Pack.

The professional pack costs N208,000 and gives you 23 bottles of Cellgevity.

That’s a little lower than both the promo pack and the personal pack.

Premiere Pack.

The premiere pack costs N409,500 and gives you a total of 46 bottles of Cellgevity at a cost of N6,847.8 per bottle.

Note that, the higher you go, the cheaper it becomes.

The premiere pack is the highest registration pack at the moment.

Register Now!

To register, you need to supply:

Your name:

Email Address:

Active Phone number:


Date of Birth.

Get in touch now for your registration.

Call or Whatsapp Clems 08110996314

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