How to join max international in PortHarcourt

How To Join Max International In Portharcourt

If you are in Portharcourt and you have been wanting to join or register with max international, the company that produces and markets cellgevity, this post will help you get started.

So, come right on with me as I am going to take you through the process of registering with max international in Portharcourt.

But before then, let’s tell you a little about max international because most people I have encountered don’t seem to know what max International is all about, rather they would talk about cellgevity.

So, going forward, what is max international?


What Is Max International?

Max International is a health and wellness company based in the USA that specializes in the production and distribution of glutathione enhancing supplements.

The company is known as the number 1 glutathione company in the world. This is because most of the company’s products have a primary function of raising the glutathione level in the body.

Apart from the amazing natural glutathione raising products, the company also has a business opportunity for all its associates.

before going to how to register with the company in Portharcourt, let’s first look at the company’s products and the science behind them, as well as what makes them different from other products.

Max Internationals Products.

Max International has an array of amazing natural products that are geared towards raising the glutathione level in the body.

the most popular product is cellgevity.

In almost every household, you would find at least one person who has used or heard about cellgevity.

Cellgevity gives the body the needed ingredients to produce its own glutathione.

What are the functions of cellgevity?

Cellgevity performs such a crucial role in the body by providing the proprietor breakthrough compound called Riboceine, which, basically helps in raising the glutathione level in the body. Once that is achieved, the body is now able to fight the root cause of diseases and health challenges including slowing down the aging process(Anti-aging), Cellular inflammation, oxidative stress, and many other challenges.

Cellgevity also contains 12 other synergistic ingredients that are equally powerful antioxidants on their own.


How to join max international in portharcourt

Another amazing product of max international is MaxATP.

Max ATP is a product most associate regards as the Riboceine fuel as it gives the body the ingredients to produce energy from the cellular level.

MaxATP is also powered by Riboceiene and also helps the body to produce glutathione within the body.

It comes in powdered form and can be taken on demand. Some days you may take more and some other days you may take non.

It is an amazing product for busy people who need to stay on top of their games. Also good for Athletes, and help for quick recovery after exercise.

Gives more stamina to perform at the peak, either in the classroom, boardroom, and the bedroom.

So, for people that are constantly feeling tired or fatigued after a little exercise or work, maxATP might just be what they need.


how to join max international in Portharcourt

Another Lovely product you can sample from the range of products offered by max international is the max Nfuze.

Max Nfuze is a nutritional drink, and comes with powdered sachel, just like MaxATP.

This nutritional drink gives you all the replenishment the body needs to function effectively.

It is a great product to combine with cellgevity for an effective result.

Other Products include:


Max 3.5.7


Metaswitch for weight management, and

Beauty products.

All our products are natural and well researched.

How To Register With Max International In PortHarcourt.

To join max international in PortHarcourt or elsewhere in Nigeria, you need to pick up a registration package and pay the equivalent into the company’s account, send the payment details, and have your products shipped to you. Or you can come to the office and pick up your products.

But before then, you must create an account with the company.

The person that referred you will help you create an account to generate an account ID(Max ID).

Chat or call Clems on 08110996314 to help you do that if you are reading this post.

Registration Packages To Start With.

So, what are the registration packages to start from?

Like I said earlier, you need t pick up a registration package to get registered.

1. Starter Pack Costs N45,000 and gives you 6 bottles of cellgevity at the rate of N7,500 per bottle. Subsequently, a  purchase of 6 bottles cost N43,000 after the initial registration pack.


2. Personal Pack costs N56,000 and gives you 8 bottles of cellgevity at the rate of N7,000 per bottle.


3. Professional Pack costs N160,000 and gives you 23 bottles of cellgevity at the rate of N6,956.


4. Premier pack costs N315,000 and gives you 46 bottles of cellgevity at the rate of N6,847 per bottle, way cheaper than all the above packages.

You can also pick up a combination of different products once you are registered.

Reasons Why You Should Register With Max International.

Some people ask me why they should register with the company when they can easily get the products outside in the open market.

Well, there few reasons why you would want to register with ax international.

  1. Registration allows you to buy the products directly from the company in your own name. This way, you are sure of the quality of products you are buying knowing well it’s coming straight from the company. You wouldn’t have to worry about how long the products have been in the hands of retailers before getting to you.
  2. The second reason why you would want to register with max international is if you ever want a second source of income, max international offers you the opportunity to earn money on a part-time basis while still keeping your day job. And if you want a career in Network marketing, max international has got you covered. You can check this article HERE on how to make money with max international.
  3. Even if you are just buying for personal reasons, buying from the company allows you to save costs as you would be buying based on the company’s price.

So, what are you waiting for, call or Whatsapp Clems 08110996314 now to get you started?

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