Cost to join max international in Nigeria

Where To Buy Cellgevity In Portharcourt, Rivers State.

If you are in Portharcourt or its environs and you are looking for how to or where to buy cellgevity, this post will show you the easiest and the best way to get it.

how to buy cellgevity in Portharcourt

First of all, you know that cellgevity is a natural product/supplement that helps to raise glutathione in the body naturally.

So far, it is the best product available today that is guaranteed to raise glutathione levels in the body and it’s adjudged to be 300% better than anything else known.

Cellgevity is a product of a company known as max international.

It is a USA-based company and officially, operates in over 19 countries of the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Malaysia, etc.

Benefits of Cellgevity

So, what are some of the benefits of cellgevity?

I am not going to burn you down with lots of grammar about the benefits of cellgevity but just a summary of what you can get by taking cellgevity.

The most important benefits of cellgevity are, it raises glutathione levels in the body through the patented compound called Riboceine.

Cellgevity contains Riboceine and 12 other synergistic and power ingredients like Aloe extract, Tumeric root extract, Broccoli seed extract, Alpha-Lipoic acid, milk thistle, Cordyceps, Vitamins C, grapes seeds extract, Resveratrol, Black pepper, etc.

All these ingredients combine with Riboceine make cellgevity even better and unmatched by any other supplements out there.

So, because cellgevity gives the body the needed ingredients to raise its glutathione level in the body, some of the amazing benefits are cellgevity can be listed as:


An Antioxidant 

Glutathione is regarded as the most important and most powerful antioxidant the world has ever seen.

Antioxidants are basically substances that can slow down the damage caused by oxidizing agents in the cells such as free radicals, etc.

Free radicals can cause serious damage to the working system of the body if left unchecked and glutathione helps in putting them in check.

Low glutathione in the body means free radicals can operate freely without any hindrance and that posed lots of challenges to the body.

As a detoxifier

Glutathione is regarded as the most powerful detoxifier in the body.

You know the body is exposed to lots of toxins in the environment including pollutions in the atmosphere and other man-made toxic agents that the body has to contend with on a daily basis.

These toxins if not properly removed from the body(This process is called detoxification), can cause untold harm to the body that might lead to more severe complications including death.

Glutathione helps in transporting these toxic substances out of the cells and body.

As an Immune Booster.

Glutathione strengthens and defends the immune system. Without glutathione, the immune system can become weak and porous, and the body will be easily attacked by all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

A stronger immune system means a stronger body system whereas a weakened immune system means the entire body system can collapse anytime.

Dangers of Low Glutathione.

When you have enough glutathione in the body, you enjoy amazing health benefits, but what happened when you have low glutathione in the body?

According to scientific research recorded in the journal of the National Centre for Biotechnology, low glutathione is associated with diseases and lose of function with aging.

Low glutathione is associated with over 70 different health challenges and disease including but not limited to: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Fatique, Diabetes, ulcers, Arthritis, Oseoporosis, Cancer, infertility(both male and female), erectile dysfunctions, Stroke, etc.

Overall, a reduced level of intercellular glutathione decreases the cellular antioxidant capacity and increases the chances of toxic build-up in the system, and that itself can add up to be dangerous for the body.

Cellgevity As The #1 Solution for Increased Glutathione.

how to buy cellgevity in Portharcourt

As earlier stated, cellgevity is the best solution to help your body system build up its level of glutathione thereby helping the body curb or fight off oxidative stress or disease-causing pathogens.

Cellgevity, by the nature of its contents(ingredients), gives your body everything it needs to increase glutathione level in the body.


Where Can I Buy Cellgevity in Portharcourt?

First and foremost, you can get your Cellgevity straight from the company at company-approved prices.

The only thing is that you need to be registered with the company to be able to buy products from the company.

Good thing is, you can be registered right away at no extra cost except the cost of obtaining the products.

Whatsapp or call Clems on +1238110996314 to get you registered and get your cellgevity at our Portharcourt office or have it delivered at your address(little token is charged for home delivery).

Cost of Cellgevity

Here are the current prices of cellgevity in Nigeria as adjusted on the 1st of may, 2021.


1 bottle of Cellgevity goes for N9000

4 bottles(1 pack) goes for N30,000.

6 bottles(registration pack) goes for N45,000

8 bottles go for N56,000.

22 bottles go for N160,000.

44 bottles go for N315,000.

You can also buy a combination of different max international products.

For the records, we have other amazing products apart from cellgevity.

  1. MaxATP
  2. MaxNfuze.
  3. Maxone.
  4. Max 3.5.7.
  5. MaxGXL.
  6. Metaswitch( for weight management/weight loss).


Cellgevity is an amazing product that everyone should have a bottle at home all the time.

When you take cellgevity, you are giving your body glutathione, and glutathione is what your body needs to stay healthy and if you are already sick, glutathione will help your body heal itself naturelly.

Over 74 different diseases and sicknesses have been linked to low glutathione, meaning when you take cellgevity, you will be able to have enough glutathione in your body and once that is done, your body will be able to fight against these diseases and sicknesses.

If you are in Portharcourt, or anywhere near, you can buy your cellgevity directly from the company at the company`s price.

Call or Whatsapp clems to help you get your cellgevity in Portharcourt and its environs.


If you want to be a distributor in Rivers state, call or Whatsapp so we can get you started.

Thanks and stay blessed.



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